Monday, October 17, 2011

REAL-f creating copies of human faces in 3D

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Real-f, a startup company from Japan, provides an opportunity for you to see yourself in new ways.

With rates 2,500 pounds, the Japanese company REAL-f would make a photo of your face and then print them in 3D models to be used as the 'face' which is made of solid vinyl chloride. The result, a model called the 3DPF or 3 Dimensional Photo Form.

If the face is not enough, you could even create a 3D photocopy of your head in full, including the shoulders.

Real-f is not the first company to attempt to create a mask of human face. However, the model generated by Real-f is the most realistic.

Real-f claimed, you could even see the veins and membrane of the eyeball. They even mention the technology that they created a process of 'copy' of man.

"We have switched from monochrome to color. Now is the time for the era of three-dimensional stereoscopic effect, "said Real-f, as quoted from dailymail, October 17, 2011.

Real-f does not explain what their purpose to make these technologies. However, there are indications that the user can install the 'head' them on mannequins. Whatever its use, the buyer needs to wait two weeks until your head is finished.


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