Thursday, November 17, 2011

iPad survives 400 meters drop without any damage

Your iPad maybe will break when dropped from the table, but what if the iPad is dropped from a height of more than 1300 feet or about 400 meters? It was not damaged.

A group of people from the company's G Form tried to do the testing. They threw the iPad from a plane with a height of 1300 feet in a state of the iPad was playing the video.

Apparently, when examined, the iPad is still active and the screen is still showing the video. Prior to this, G Form also had success throwing the iPad from a height of 500 feet or about 150 feet and struck by a bowling ball.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, 17 November 2011, the secret is casing or sheath which is much thicker than usual. This glove is made of material specially designed military ballistic withstand pressure when falling on the surface.

In another demonstration, G Form also demonstrate how the iPad is able to withstand the blows of a kung fu master.

G Form itself is not the only company that makes special gloves to withstand extreme conditions. Previously, iOsafe has designed a special hard protective bulletproof.

Rolex has also made waterproof tool that is able to create objects in it can last up to a depth of 12 thousand feet or approximately 3,600 meters, a depth which will certainly crush the human body.


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