Monday, September 20, 2010

The Power of a Smile

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Although it lasts only a moment, the memory may stay with you all your life. Its value is immense, but nobody is so poor that he cannot share it or so rich that he does not need it. What are we talking about? A smile.

A smile is produced by a muscular contraction in which the eyes brighten and the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward expressing satisfaction. During the first few weeks after birth, a baby smiles, and this, of course, delights the proud new parents. These early smiles are known as reflex, or involuntary, smiles. Experts explain that this kind of smile appears often during dreaming and seems to be related to internal feelings and activity of the central nervous system. Even when we are adults, this reflex smile may still occur after a meal or while we are listening to music.

From about six weeks of age, however, a baby smiles in response to a face or a voice. A ‘social smile’—a voluntary, conscious smile—cheers us up, whether we are babies or adults. It is said that such a smile even has a positive influence on our physical health. According to speech therapists Mirtha Manno and Rubén Delauro, who manage a self-help clinic called Smiling and Health, the mere gesture of smiling produces an electrical stimulus that affects the pituitary gland. This gland, in turn, releases endorphins, chemical substances in the brain that make us feel good.

Another important reason for smiling is the positive effect it has on others. A sincere smile communicates our feelings without the need for words, whether it be a smile of greeting, of sympathy, or of encouragement. Occasionally, just looking at a child’s appealing smile in a photograph can bring a smile to our lips.

Receiving a warm smile can help us to feel more relaxed and to cope better with frustration or challenges. Yes, by this simple gesture, we can benefit ourselves and others. Why not make an effort to share this most valuable gift—a warm smile?


Pernak - Pernik said...

nice post sob senyuman memang mempunyai kekuatan bagi yang tahu, salam kenal... happy blogger

yoon see said...

Thanks for your special visit and kind words.

Smile can really cheer us up, can build friendship too!

I really enjoy reading your posts.
I will be back to read your other blog posts.

Patricia Rockwell said...

You have such interesting, unique, and diverse posts! Bravo!

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malem bos..
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Anonymous said...

Do you remember a person better because of his/her smile, or his/her bad behaviour? Your smile can make another person's day, especially when he/she may be having a bad day so far. So smile!

Clumsy Fancy said...

Smile is better than frowning as proven by facial muscle contraction. It takes only 17 muscle to smile, whereas 41 to frown.

So keep on smiling. It's all right if you can't afford to frown.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Wonderful post ~ a simple way to brighten our day and someone else's day too! Thanks for sharing!

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