Monday, October 10, 2011

The Eye of Horus house for Naomi Campbell

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As a proof of love, the lover of supermodel Naomi Campbell, Vladislav Doronin, offered a Eye of Horus house as a birthday gift to Naomi-41. Not only luxury, the house is unique because of its shape as the eye of Horus, the god of ancient Egyptian society.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Eye of Horus house was built on an island off the coast of Sedir, Turkey. The rooms are designed architect Luis de Garrido has 25 luxurious rooms.

When viewed from the air, then the Eye of Horus house This does look like the eyes in the reliefs from ancient Egypt, depicting the god Horus. Dome-shaped house, which resembles the pupil of the eye. While eyebrows, a solar panel as the sole power of existing homes on the island.

This Eye of Horus house is environmentally friendly. In fact, for pumping water, electricity using geothermal energy. It at once became heated water.

The main part or the 'pupils' homes will consist of three levels. It includes five main rooms are very luxurious and park in the building. A number of natural ventilation complements the 'greenness' of this house.

Vlad plans to build this Eye of Horus house seems to also be an indication that the real estate entrepreneur from Russia will be proposed to Naomi Campbell. Vlad and Naomi have been dating for three years. Although new to divorce from his wife, Ekaterina, Vlad reportedly already engaged to Naomi.


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