Monday, August 23, 2010

Wind Turbines, Kill Bats

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In Alberta, Canada, the bats found dead at the foot of wind turbine towers, reported the magazine Scientific American.

Investigators puzzled because bats have sonar and an amazing flying abilities. However, the researchers discovered the existence of internal bleeding in 92 percent of the bat, so they concluded that the respiratory systems of bats are fragile, unable to overcome the air pressure decreases dramatically due to the turbine blades.

The end of this propeller can achieve speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. The main victims are migrating insectivorous bats, and dikwawatirkan that wind turbines can interfere with the stability of ecosystems.


oyvind said...

This is incredible sad, I wish there were a way to send out a signal to them to warn them or scare them off. But I guess people won't pay the extra cost.

James said...

hopefully people are more aware of the natural surroundings. :)

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