Sunday, August 15, 2010

Human vs. Nature

Actually a lot of imitating human designs from nature to create a product that was created for the benefit of man. But whether humans can exceed the work of nature? Here we will compare, the work of man-made with nature.

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Human: Kevlar is a strong man-made fibers used to make bulletproof vests, racing car body, and many more. To make kevlar required high temperatures and hazardous solvents.
Nature: Spiders spinners can produce seven types of silk. The strongest, is called a silk noose, lighter than cotton. However, with the same weight, silk is stronger than steel and kevlar. And if enlarged to the size of a football field, made of silk nets of this type, with a thickness of one centimeter and the distance of four centimeters, can stop a large jet aircraft in flight. Produce spider silk at room temperature, with water as a solvent.

butterfly, butterfly vector, butterfly animation, butterfly wallpaper, beautiful butterfly, navigation
Human: Some commercial aircraft have automatic computerized steering system that not only can direct the plane from one city to another city, but also landed the plane. Computer in one ekspertimen automatic steering system for credit cards only.
Nature: With a brain the size of the tip of the pen, the king of the butterflies may migrate as far as 3000 miles from Canada to a small forest dimeksiko. These butterflies rely on the sun to navigate and able to compensate for the movement of the sun in the sky.

lenses, lenses eye
Human: The engineers have developed artificial compound eyes the size of the head of a needle head consisting of lenses 8500. Such lenses can be used in high-speed motion detectors and super-thin camera that can shoot to many directions.
Nature: Each eye consisted of dragonflies approximately 30,000 lenses. These lenses produce wide-angle image mosaic. Dragonfly compound eye has a wonderful ability to detect motion.


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