Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deafness From Headsets

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Research by Australia’s National Acoustic Laboratory revealed that even normal use of personal stereo headsets can cause latent ear damage, reports The Courier-Mail of Brisbane. Researcher Dr. Eric LePage said that young people are reluctant to take such warnings seriously. “They can repeatedly expose themselves to very loud sounds or music for years and they judge that it has no effect,” he said.

One survey showed that warnings “had little impact until people actually started suffering deafness,” the paper said. The new research confirms German studies indicating that about one quarter of military recruits there aged 16 to 24 have already damaged their hearing by listening to loud music and that “almost 10 percent of students aged 16 to 18 had lost so much hearing that they had problems understanding some normal conversation.”


Health said...

I very often like in this picture, sometimes until my ears hurt, although I just do not every day. Only if the mood I'm in good condition only.

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nice post

Stuttgartgirl said...

This is really scary since almost everyone in the 20s wears their headphones a lot!

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