Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Music Can Be Good Medicine

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“Among the reasons for the existence of music in virtually every culture [is] its ability to elicit and maintain human health and well-being,” says the book Principles and Practice of Stress Management. When we are singing, notes another reference, our entire body resounds and vibrates. In turn, gentle vibrations help tissues relax and dilate, which may help to reduce pain.

Accordingly, some therapists encourage patients suffering from stress to listen to soothing music, which can also improve one’s mood. Some hospitals even pipe music into intensive care units. Premature babies as well as surgery patients often respond well to pleasant music. According to Principles and Practice of Stress Management, studies suggest that listening to relaxing music “produces significant reductions in stress hormone levels during surgery.”

Music may also reduce anxiety in pregnant women by promoting relaxation during labor and delivery. Dentists sometimes play soothing music to create a more relaxed atmosphere for tense patients. But music and song can do much more. They can help us in a spiritual way


Fisher and Staff said...

Beautiful site!

Jennifer is Always Sick said...

There are so many emotional responses that people can get from different music, especially music that brings back memories. For some, it can be pleasant, and for others, upsetting. But I have noticed that if I'm listening to Tool it brings a much different response than if I listen to, say, Mozart. LOL

Iron Maiden - Live in Concert in Jakarta 17 Feb 2011 said...

I agree with you.
music could make people become health and well.
depend on their music style and genre..



Momreview said...

I 100% agree with this. It's a good share to anyone.

Tebinfea said...

Hello dear friend.
Happy Tuesday.
Always sunny in Calais.

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