Sunday, July 17, 2011

Punjabis and Kidney Stones

Punjabis and Kidney Stones, operation kidney stones, india orang punjabi

People from the state of Punjab and surrounding areas of India are more prone to get kidney stones than any other community in the world, reports India Today International. Punjabis are known for working hard and eating heartily, but often they do not drink enough water in the scorching summer months, says the report. For this reason, their region was described at a recent international urologic conference as the “stone belt” of the world. The average size of a kidney stone there is between two and three centimeters [about an inch], compared with one centimeter [less than half an inch] in Europe and the United States. The report attributes this to many Indians’ tendency to ignore minor pains or put off treatment. Urologists say healthy people should drink at least two quarts of clean water every day.


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